Customer ordered to pay 1.08mm after negative online review

According to the Dallas Daily News, a Dallas wedding photographer was awarded $1.08 million on July 28th in a defamation suit against a local blogger and her husband who launched a social media campaign that destroyed her business.

The couple posted negative reviews about the photographer online after the couple mis-understood the contract they had signed.

This could happen to any business! Even if you do nothing wrong, you could be defamed online, and you won’t always be able to win a $1.08 million dollar judgement!

The photographer stated “People knew me and my reputation. I’ve shot several of the Dallas elites,” she said. “All the name-calling, all the bullying … I was humiliated.”

Something this outrageous probably has never happened in your business, but every business could use more positive reviews online.

As you probably know, the few customers who have a negative experience with your business are the most likely to leave a review.

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